Hey guys… so if you haven’t noticed, I just LOVEEEEE marble and rose gold / copper… not sure why but I see the combo together and I just think LUXURY! lol anyways, I was strolling through home depot and came across this marble mosaic tile and I thought to myself -COASTERS- but they were too tiny so then the idea for magnets came to mind.  My mother and I scoured home depot for the supplies I needed to get it done and needless to say I found everything I needed. (minus a few things that everyone usually has at home).  Are you ready to start this DIY?!… Well Keep reading to see how I made these awesome tiles!

What you will need: [FYI all listed items except for scissors, xacto knife and cutting mat were purchased @ home depot]

  • Marble Mosaic Tile sheet (varies in price but pick the best one for you 🙂 )
  • Super Glue
  • Magnets (strong enough to hold the tile)
  • Brushed copper contact paper
  • Scissors, Xacto Knife & Cutting Mat

Check out my step my step process in my linked video below.  Make sure you subscribe to my Youtube Channel to get updated whenever I post a new video.

xoxo Lia