Hello again! Today I’m back again with another DIY project for you guys! I’m always using my laptop and I have a mouse however I NEVER use a mousepad (BAD LIA!) lol Anyways, not too long ago I purchased a set of trivets from ikea (that I never used) and I had all this left over contact paper from some previous DIYS and THUS this mouse pad DIY was born!  It’s supppperrrr easy and if you have any contact paper laying around, this project should be a breeze.  Keep reading to see how I made this BABAYYY.

What you will need:

  • Ikea Trivets 3pk
  • Marble & Copper Contact Paper (you can use whatever contact paper you like.. there are no rules here 🙂 )
  • X-acto Knife
  • Cutting Mat


STEP 1: Trim any jagged edges off of your contact paper so you start out with a nice smooth edge.

STEP 2: Decide the design you’d like on your mouse pad.  Once you do that, peel off the paper backing and place on the trivet.  Smooth with fingers to make sure there are no air bubbles. FYI- if there are, the contact paper is repositionable so you can always lift it off and start over.

STEP 3: Flip trivet over and trim away excess contact paper *NOTE* When applying the contact paper, apply to side of the trivet where the edge is NOT rounded.

and VOILA! Your done!

Please let me know how your mousepads came out.  Id LOVE to see them… till next time .. xoxo Lia