Can we talk about how AWESOME! this Unicorn Water Bottle is.  I’ve had the Idea lurking in my mind for almost a year now.  It dons the most sparkly gold vinyl transfer.  Its perfect for all you little majestic folk out there.  Unfortunately it doesn’t come with the pearlescent unicorn water.  NEVER FEAR! I’m going to tell you how to make your own flavored unicorn water. THAT YOU CAN ACTUALLY DRINK!!!!

You only need 4 items:
1. Unicorn Water Bottle
2. Wilton Pearl Dust (its edible and used to add shimmer to cake fondant)
3. Fit & Active Raspberry Lemonade water Enhancer (got mine at Aldi) However any pink or red squeezable water enhance will work
4. Water

You literally fill your bottle with water, squeeze enough of the water enhancer to taste AND color, then add the wilton pearl dust.  Add as much pearl dust as you want for the desired effect.  My suggestion is to not pour from the dust bottle as I accidentally dumped the whole thing in there. So I would use a spoon or shake some onto a plate then add to the bottle.

AND YOUR DONE! Pretty easy right?! Go out and try different color squeezable water enhancers and different color pearl dust. I’d LOVE to see how they turn out!