So… its been  a while!  I want to start by saying how insanely busy I have been.  Between work and domestic responsibilities, I rarely have time to do much for myself.  Since the beginning of March, I have been going to the gym regularly and eating clean 5 days a week with an occasional cheat meal on the weekends.  I find it very difficult to eat the right foods as my schedule makes it hard to cook etc.  Dinner is never a problem however lunch is the evil time of day where I crave Nachos with EXTRA CHEESE! Anywho, a friend of mine recently started a healthy meal prep company called Cocina Crystal  and let me just start by saying her food is DELICIOUS!  She is still in the beginning stages so she has some adjustments to make to the menu etc but I love it.  My first meal consisted of Salmon and a Kale salad with radish, cucumber and carrots.  YUM! I definitely recommend you check her out especially if you are on a fitness /  weight loss journey.  Her instagram is @cocinacrystal

xoxo Lia